Writing Workshops

Are you a high school junior or senior looking to craft a great college essay? Parents, are you wishing you can provide support for your student during the demanding process of college applications without becoming a watchdog?

My experience as a professional writer and educator can provide guidance and perspective to the dizzying demands and process of college application essays. With coaching, students learn to approach the writing process as a sane, step-by-step undertaking that results not only in a great essay but an enjoyable process to boot!

The college application process takes time, preparation, and creativity. Positive coaching can help students emerge from their college essay writing experience as more confident writers, with a better understanding of how to approach and enjoy the process of writing, something that will serve them well during their college years.

I also offer group workshops to high school juniors and seniors as well as week-long summer classes in essay writing. Please email me at sharon@sharonmentyka.com for more information on upcoming classes or visit my college essay coaching website.