Ridiculous Riches

This summer I was invited to participate in a great writer-artist collaboration.

Signs-of-Life-2018For the past 14 years, Facèré Gallery in Seattle presents Signs of Life, a combined contemporary jewelry art exhibition and literary journal featuring the work of nine jewelry artists and nine published writers, culminating in an exhibit and a publication celebrating both literary and jewelry arts.  Each writer is given an image of a piece of work by one of the jewelers, and asked to respond with a piece of short fiction, poem or essay. The only restriction is that the writer not write about jewelry.

I was so happy to be included and pleased to be able to share my short fiction story here with you (PDF link), inspired by our Northwest landscape and jeweler Melinda Risk, whose beautiful work you can explore more of here.

This year’s full list of  jewelry artists include Jenine Bressner, Daniel DiCaprio, Kirk Lang, Maia Leppo, Tara Locklear, Megan McGaffigan, Kranitzky & Overstreet, Melinda Risk, and Liaung-Chung Yen. Writers include Claudia J. Bach, Ellen Wade Beals, Stuart Greenman, Holly J. Hughes, Matthew Nienow, Roz Ray, Molly Thornton, and John Mark Tucker and yours truly. The full publication is available from Facèré Gallery.

Reprinted with permission of Facèré Gallery.


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