Crowdfunding your Writing Project

Last October, I launched a crowd funding campaign for my chapter book B in the World, the story of a gender nonconforming child and the challenges he faces exploring his female side.

Crowd funding can be a great tool for publishing your writing project. On the author side, it’s the equivalent of getting an advance from a traditional publisher. On the publisher side, it’s a way to get pre-orders and acquire funds for paying service providers up front.

But what does it take it make it work? Is it right for all book projects? And what are the downsides? If you’re thinking of crowd funding a book, I’m going to be posting some thoughts on my experience with the process from the perspective of one-year later, as well as general guidelines to keep in mind before you launch, and best practices if you proceed. Perhaps you’ll find something useful to help you decide if it’s the right move for your writing project.

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