B Steps Out

B-happyWe’ve been busy mailing out books to supporters, reviewers, schools and libraries. Readers have been sending me stories of their own and sharing small but significant impacts that B’s story has made in their lives. Here are just a few that I’d like to share.

“Much gratitude for the six copies of your book “B in the World” that you sent as part of the “Hope Through Stories” campaign. This is the type of story that all the children in our community need right now, and I am grateful to be able to offer it to this age group.” – Children’s Librarian, Ferguson Public Library, Ferguson, MO

“Feeling the love. Thanks for working on this latest frontier of equity.” – 1st grade elementary school teacher

“Just finished reading [your book] and really loved it. I think most libraries are eager to have content like B available.” –Collections Specialist, Seattle Public Library

More News We also have two scheduled school visits in the works for this coming spring, and I hope to add one more. I’ve also been approached by a local small publisher who interested in marketing and distributing the book to the school market, which would be fantastic!

Finally, thank you to writer Iris Graville for this lovely interview / review of B on her blog.

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