Welcome B into the World!

B_COVER_websiteI’m thrilled to announce the publication of my chapter book,
“B in the World,”
the story of a boy who one day feels like wearing overalls and a flannel shirt and the next day wakes up wishing he could dress like his sister Patti-Anne.

The book has over a dozen full-color illustrations by Seattle designer Stephen Schlott and is available at selected independent bookstores, or online at Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

You can also order an autographed copy through B’s website, where I’ll also be posting about upcoming readings and progress that we make on our goal to partner with anti-bullying and gender diversity organizations nationwide.

A huge thank you to early supporters of this book and everyone who has been part of making it a reality!

“B in the World is a great book for the middle primary reader. It explores themes of inclusion and difference in a fun and readable way about a gender fluid child exploring his female side and struggling with what it means.” ~Tracy Flynn, Welcoming Schools, Human Rights Campaign Foundation

“As the parent of a gender non-conforming son, I am delighted to welcome B into our library and our family. B is a sweet, happy boy with a brave heart and the determination to live his truth. I give B an A!!”Pamela Privett, Parent

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