More Stories!

“Can I share a simple story about how B in the World has already had a positive impact? My middle son who is struggling at school was telling me how kids give him a hard time at lunch because he drinks water out of a Mario water bottle. He then shared that another student gets teased for having a pink water bottle just because he is a boy. He told the kid how it’s okay to like pink if he wants to. He was very upset that other kids were teasing him for that.”

“[Your book] sparked some nice conversation [at our book group]. One of our members has a now 14-year old son who loved wearing pink – and still does when he feels like it. He loves to dance and is quite talented as a dancer. He has been questioning his gender identity for years (actually, it might be his parents that have been questioning and it has been hard for them to not know where his predilections may take him.) Your story provides an important contribution in sharing a character who is simply himself and wishes to have this affirmed without rushing into categorizing.”