Character Sketch #3: Rudy

B in the World004Meet Rudy. Rudy and B are best buddies, so when they found out they were both going to be starting 2nd grade in Mr. J’s class, they were psyched. Except that all changed with the arrival of Ms. Hitchings.

Rudy is the smartest kid in New Horizons 2nd grade class. Science is his favorite subject of all and he’s especially fascinated with insects—all kinds—and wants to grow up to be an entomologist someday. His current favorite is Gromphadorhina portentosa.

Rudy also always knows the latest news about everything going on at New Horizons. Once, he showed B how you could put together important bits of information by paying attention to passing conversations in the hallways between teachers and parents.

Rudy especially understands how B feels when people look at him in a funny way because of his long hair, or when they notice he’s wearing pink sneakers. Rudy knows exactly what it feels like to have people take one look at you and think they’ve got you all figured out. Just ask him about all the times the cashier follows him around with his eyes when he walks into the corner candy store. Yeah, that.

Friends like Rudy who understand how unfair life can sometimes be when people quickly judge you by outward appearances are super important to a gender nonconforming child. Peer friendships can make a huge difference in helping any bullied child not feel so alone.

To find out what everybody except Rudy calls Gromphadorhina portentosa—
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