Character Sketch #2: Grace

B in the World003

Meet Grace. Grace has been B’s friend since preschool, when they always made sure to sit next to each other for lunch and giggled and whispered during naptime. Even in preschool, Grace was the kind of kid who noticed things—especially things that made her mad, like kids who picked on anyone they  thought looked or acted different.

Bullying still makes Grace mad. And she doesn’t just stand around and watch it happening. She does something about it.

Her level-headness and empathy make Grace a perfect example of an ally.

For a gender nonconforming child or LGBT youth, allies can have an enormous impact on helping them navigate bullying and intimidation in the classroom. Allies learn and know the facts so they can respond to slurs and untruths, and they do it respectfully. Allies know when to step in and when to let LGBT students take the lead and advocate for themselves. They can help create safe spaces in social settings by being welcoming and not only accepting but valuing diversity.

Most of all, allies aren’t just allies for one week a year in October, during GLSEN’s (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) Ally Week. True allies like Grace offer their support all year long.

If you’d like to see an illustration of Grace, you’ll need to Donate to our Kickstarter campaign! Because Grace hasn’t been drawn yet, and unless we reach our goal, she might not have the chance to continue to be a great ally to B.

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