October is Anti-Bullying Month

October is Anti-Bullying Month and a fitting time to launch our campaign for “B in the World” on Kickstarter.

B in the World005So what’s B’s story about?

B IN THE WORLD explores ideas of what it means to be a “boy” or “girl” in our world today and takes an open-hearted, kids-eyed view of what it means to be different. Bullying come in myriad forms, shapes and sizes and the core of creating an inclusive, anti-bullying environment a home and at school can be fostered by celebrating children for who they are meant to be, not how others want to label them.

Many children, especially once they start school, struggle with being somehow perceived as “different”—either because of how they like to dress, or how they look, or simply because of what they like to do. Some of the challenges B faces in this story are gender-connected, some are just kid-related.

But when someone like B walks into the room—a “boy” with long, curly red hair, wearing pink sneakers and yellow sweatpants, talking excitedly about the cupcakes he just baked for his teacher—everything we thought we knew about gender flies out the window and a child like B will likely have to struggle with many more instances of bullying in his school and social life.

For most children, birth sex and gender identity match. But sometimes, how children feel about themselves differs from their biology. But some feel the mismatch almost as soon as they begin to talk. Others know immediately that simply talking about how they feel falls far outside the cultural norm.

Written in a fun, engaging voice, B IN THE WORLD tries to reach children and their parents at a critical developmental age, when issues of inclusion and bullying start to come into play, and it tries to do so in a fun, engaging way. It is a story about being yourself and being proud of it. It is a story for kids who are different, about kids who are different with the ultimate message that it’s okay to be different.

For additional information and ideas on anti-bullying, check out the wealth of resources put together by some of these great organizations:

Welcoming Schools

The National Bullying Prevention Center


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