Light Up the Night


I came across this title The Firehouse Light by Janet Nolan, illustrated by Marie Lafrance. It’s my kind of book, a story that starts with a kernel of truth and brings it alive through fiction, with the added fun of research along the way.

Apparently, in 1901, the owner of the power and light company in Livermore, Calif., gave that Bay Area town’s volunteer firefighters a four-watt bulb to help them find their equipment in the dark. The bulb, made of carbon filament and hand-blown glass, has been burning ever since, and is thought to be the world’s longest continuously burning bulb.

Nolan says, “I walked around in an excited daze for a while,” she says. “I kept thinking of all the things that have happened—all the things that have been invented and all the wars fought —while this tiny lightbulb kept burning.”

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