Roy City Library

I’m so proud of my writing mates in the Whidbey Writing Workshop MFA program. Grier Jewell, a CYA student, posted about kids in the tiny Washington city of Roy trying to save their library from closing due to budget cuts. Apparently, the mayor said they had to cut everything that was not “life and death” as the town only has $250 in the bank after all essential services are counted. (As an aside, Grier has written some wonderful reviews of Barbara O’Connor’s books, including her newest, “The Small Adventures of Popeye and Elvis.”

In a town like Roy, the library is one of the few ways the kids can have access to computers and books since most families don’t have the money for either. As it is, the library is only open three days a week to start. The kids organized garage sales on weekends, but they still needed $1,800 to keep the library open until January.

Fiction student Charlotte Morganti suggested we fundraise in the name of literary citizenship and make a donation from the Whidbey MFA program. Charlotte said,” Those kids inspire me. I can think of a lot of things people can do for children these days, and right up there is helping them access literature and the world of learning.” Not to mention how wonderful it is to see kids raising money for something other than a sports team for a change.

Anyone who would also like to donate can contact the library by send a check to: Cecelia Hanson, Library Director, 122 3rd Street, PO Box 700, Roy, WA 98580  or email

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