Penn Cove Orca Capture Commemoration

Orca Network is planning their annual Penn Cove Orca Capture Commemoration on Sunday, August 9th, 2009, 4 -7 pm at the Coupeville Rec Hall, Alexander & Coveland St. Each year Orca Network organizes this event in memory of the 45 Southern Resident orcas captured in Washington State, and the 13 orcas killed during the captures; and in honor of Lolita, the sole survivor.

The evening will feature newly discovered film and commentary from the 1971 Penn Cove orca capture by the late Don McGaffin, KING 5 TV reporter. There will also be displays of historic photos of the 1970 Penn Cove orca capture by Wallie Funk & Dr. Terry Newby

Cost is $20/person. Purchase tickets by contacting Orca Network or call 360.678.3451.

3 thoughts on “Penn Cove Orca Capture Commemoration

    • Carole: Thanks for this. I checked it out and here’s the link in case others would like to read it. I hope to meet you there. I’ve written a YA novel that revolves around this theme as well. I’ll be posting more info soon.


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